The postal address of the Unifaculty Foundation is: The Unifaculty Foundation BCM Unifaculty London WC1N  3XX United Kingdom
You may contact the foundation by email at:

Welcome to the The Unifaculty Foundation's website. The Unifaculty Foundation is a private confederation of academics, professionals, learned individuals who pursue research. The Confederation is supported by and includes organizations pursuing the quest for excellence in learning, tuition and research.

You can contact Unifaculty seven days a week by email at Postal enquiries can be made to Unifaculty BCM Unifaculty London WC1N 3XX Great Britain. The Unifaculty Foundation is an umbrella brand for several academic and professional institutes and research organizations. Some of these are listed below.

The Unifaculty Foundation was founded by a group of like minded academics and others in the latter half of the twentieth century initially on an ad hoc basis and as circumstances required.


The Unifaculty Foundation is open to like minded, qualified individuals. If you feel that you have skills and talent in research and philosophy in a field which may appeal to any of the Foundation's existing students and graduates please email us with your c.v. and what you feel you may offer others.

If you have knowledge and qualifications in fields other than those where the Foundation is involved and you feel that you could help to expand the Foundation's reach for the benefit of others please send in your c.v and proposal to Kenneth Wood, Hon.Secretary, The Unifaculty Foundation at

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Unifaculty Foundation

The Educational philosophy of the Unifaculty Foundation is firmly rooted in the principles of Common Sense...

For example, if a traveller was offered two routes to his destination and one of those was filled with potholes, diversions and hidden dangers whilst the other was straightforward and safe, we could likely predict which route most travellers would select.

Education too is a journey on which students travel. Those journeys require challenges, but not where they act against the interest of the traveller but rather enable them to face the challenge, win and then move on to yet higher things.

By applying Common Sense principles to tuition, Unifaculty's Colleges and institutes are able to provide sterling service and success to their student at affordable student fees.

This competitive spirit and exceptional value has enabled the Foundation to build a wide student and graduate base around the world. The Unifaculty Foundation presently has students and graduates in The United Kingdom and overseas territories, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, Singapore and Thailand.

The Unifaculty Foundation is a private foundation which relies for its income solely from student and customer fees and support from graduates. It has not applied and will not apply for government subventions or grants in any country either at local or national level.

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